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The Problem with XML

XML is an amazingly successful standard for representing data in a portable and cross-platform readable way. Unfortunately also suffers from that limitation Crocodile Dundee noted about certain bush-foods: you can live on it, but it tastes like sh*t. XML is … Continue reading

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Arquillian Tamed

Ok, I think I have the basics of Arquillian covered. I’ll start a page some time later with a kind of cookbook, but this post will just be about the results.

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Arquillian and Forge, Fast and Furious?

Ok, I have run through the “Get Started Faster with Forge” introduction and it worked. Applause. Let’s start with the findings:

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Unit Testing the Arquillian Way

I’ve started looking at Arquillian as a testing Framework. Last time I did so, embedded JEE containers weren’t that good yet, so we ended up with a mixed JEE/Spring situation. That wasn’t a problem until JBoss 6 came into view, … Continue reading

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Hello World, here’s my Blog

Today I started writing on my Blog. I have given it the title “Elegance in Software”, because that is the essence of what I try to achieve. Please read and enjoy, and by all means, please give me your feedback; … Continue reading

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