Unit Testing the Arquillian Way

I’ve started looking at Arquillian as a testing Framework. Last time I did so, embedded JEE containers weren’t that good yet, so we ended up with a mixed JEE/Spring situation. That wasn’t a problem until JBoss 6 came into view, and we needed to start adding classpath scanning inhibitors to prevent persistence units from being brought up in duplicate; once by JBoss, and once again by Spring. Now we’re moving to JBoss 7 and cleaning up a bit, and going for a JEE only setup looked like the cleanest for that codeset. Unit testing however, still had Spring to be able to unit test the persistence layer.

Arquillian seems to allow us to remove the last bit of Spring. (please no; I’m not saying Spring is bad, just that a clean JEE codebase was good for this situation) First tests worked great. Will post when I get a few more tests done.

Oh yeah, it won’t work on OSX! Dang! Bug in the Java 7 JVM. Please Oracle and Apple, can’t you guys be friends again?

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