About Bert’s Blog

My Blog is about achieving simple, elegant, solutions to software development challenges. Am I already so affected by manage-speak? Anyway, writing software isn’t hard. Writing software that works can be. Writing software that works and is simple often is.

Ever since I started working with computers, I’ve been hooked on the craftsmanship of writing software. One of my other  hobbies (the game of Go) taught me a lot about the concept of “Shape”. In Go, the shape of a group of stones determines it success in resisting attacks by the opponent. A good shape allows a group to evolve along with the flow of the game. In software we find a similar effect; elegantly written code is easier to understand and maintain. The (relatively) modern concept of refactoring comes into play (sic) here too: changing code to match new insights or requirements is no longer a chore if the code’s shape is good. For me, learning about writing software is a search for good shape; in essence elegance in software.


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