Hardware Fun

I have an Arduino! My father gave me an Arduino Starter Kit for my birthday, and if this sounds as if I’m a teenager, I’ll happily ignore the extra decades to please you. My father built a lot of cool devices with his soldering iron. The resistor color codes were on a nice (hand-made) poster in his workshop and many an electronic appliance was customized or custom built. He did progress into transistors, but stopped in the digital age. When I was small I had a experimentation box which used wires clamped in small springs to connect the components. When my father found out I lacked the basic understanding for electronics, hist response was to hand-write a small booklet with all the basics explained. Unfortunately, it took a number of year before I started appreciating that.

While in high-school I slowly started doing my own experiments and during my university years I did some interesting things with logic circuits. Recently I had reasons to want to look at that again and I discovered the Arduino. Now I can start experimenting. I’ll keep you up-to-date on my progress.


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